Checkmate,You're Mine.

You know,White King,I've been waiting years and years for you to move.And I know you want me to move until you realized that this game should be over.And as a Black Queen,I'm hiding from the shadows,anticipating,like a spectre in a dark,as hope glows glory and transmitting my dreams to you.

Black King,he's idle.He cannot move an inch as I'll protecting you for save path.Don't you worry about him.He knows he couldn't move an inch without my approval.He is as same as you,the only difference is you want to move,he doesn't.He only waits you to kill you.But don't worry,I'll protect you.

White Queen,she appears in your life as a pair of you.But you know,I know,it's about me and you.It's about more than us than she or my Black King.But you,White King,in a path you want to move,you left your Rooks,your Bishop and your Knights.Let alone your Pawns.You abandoned them,you let them destroyed because of you.But I don't want you to be like that.You should realized you're not alone,not even close.

Only few steps until you're close to my Black King.Don't worry I'll won't let him touch you.A White Queen trying to knock me down,she fall astep,I knocked her down.And only me,you and Black King.You're checkmate,but you're mine.So in the end,I kicked my own Black King and you'll be my king.

And together,you start this game,and finally you're ending it.What a bless.It took me years to getting you to realizes,you cannot win a war alone.You cannot win a war against me.You know it,I know it,we both know,this is ain't your game.Your failure to look surround yourself,your aim to get over without concerning your own army,and of course,your recklessness make me wonder,is that you the perfect one to win a war against me?

I guess you're not.We should be together.Checkmate,you're mine.

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