Been Thinking About You.

I'm a loner.My life as refugee has make me forget who I really am.For who I am really was.For who I am will be.I've been run and run and run,and I don't even recognizes my own path.I run because of my paranoid.I run because I want to save you next time.

But for sure,life is all about moving.Even an inch would be fine.You're breathing that means you have to move.Every living creatures,including trees have to move.Even corals have to move.The air we breath,the food we eat,the nutrients we digest.Life is not static.

I've been thinking about you nowadays.Where are you right now?What are you doing?I sleep restlessly as I'm thinking about you.But I have to move.I want you to move to.One day,our Promised Land will be waiting for us.That's for sure.It's our happiness that I've promised to you.No one could ever put on fear to us.Nobody.I can gurranty you that.

For everything I've done,I'm doing it for you.That's for sure.I never do for anybody except you.Because I promise I want it to.It's as simple as that.I never change my mind thinking about you.You're so fascinating for me.You're the raison d'etre for me to keep moving on.

But when you're moving away from me,you tear my heart apart.I have to accept that you're frustrating with me.But I never intended to do that.I'm moving so I can show you the path to the Promised Land that I promise to you.But your impatience leading to nowhere.I'm lost in this jungle,while you're also not sure for what you're do.

There's always a cliche words by saying,"to the death do us apart".But to the death I'm trying not to apart from you,I'm just finding our way,to pursuit for what both of us want.Now you leave me alone,jaded,frustrating and tired.I wish I can burn all of this jungle so you can see me right now.I wish you're listening to me.

I've been thinking about you,would you thinking about me?

Don't sad,don't cry.One day I will lead you there.I promise you.All you have to do is wait for me.

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