Ezra Levant Is No Ezreen.

Funny name,a man who live in the same city,the name that so close to me,and the name Levant are actually derives for my decendent came from.

When people here knows my name,they're put on joke,"are you Ezra Levant?".hik hik!Funny.However his conservative views are not the same as me.But although it's a close name,we live in the same city,but our view to the world are totally different.

But I don't care much about Ezra Levant.It's just a title,don't bother much of it.

First of all,I would like to congrat my sister-in law for gave birth to a lovely child,Shahruni Soeffiyan.It's quite funny that my brother,which is a credo of Manchester United gave his son after Wayne Rooney.I hope when he grows up,he didn't fuck a nanny.

Today also a great day at Celtic Park.We have Robbie Keane.How happy I am right now.I hope he can beat Kris Boyd ass now on.Hik hik!

And of course,when Johan mentions about The Catcher In The Rye,it makes me want to find back that book in my own library.To be frank I miss Holden Caulfield and how I wish he getting back Jane Gallagher,not to play checkers but to get serious involvement in love.But cool guy like Holden wouldn't care much about love.Sally Hayes will still there for him,or Sunny the whore hik hik!

Also,when Nami mention about Edgar Allan Poe,I request one thing for him.Read poem "Al-Aaraaf".It's a cool stuff.Also read about Allen Ginsberg.He mentions about "American materialism that destroy the world".I think from reading those stuff,you can be a cool writer,seriously.

And don't forget to send me your latest play script,s'il vous plait!

nama nami  – (February 02, 2010)  

hmmm...robbie keane dah kena reject kat tottenham ke?hahaha!

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