UK General Election 2010.

I watched it at BBC yesterday.This is the first debate.I haven't watch the second debate which I missed UK prime time(I was outside that time).And it seems,surprise surprise Nick Clegg outshadowed Gordon and Dave.Now that's cool.

I'm no favor at all to Lib Dem,but compared to Labour or Tories,British people don't have so much choice.The best choice is Trade Unionist and Socialist Union but it's like to see South Africa will win FIFA World Cup.But I have a bit support to Lib Dem because my liberal backgrounds,while I see Labour as working class backstabber.Tories,unless I declared myself as an idiot I will vote for them.

Unlike in Canada which is 5-person battle royal(Elizabeth May is a candidate for Green Party),in UK they got triple threat debate.In US it's one-by-one contest.The debate was awesome,full of facts and no nonsense approach.Unlike stupidity from BN telling about Zaid Ibrahim alcohol issues - doesn't make sense for intellectual voters like me.

Anyway,good luck for British and so does in Hulu Selangor for practising their rights.


Load Up On Guns,Bring Your Friends - In Memoriam Of Kurt Donald Cobain.

Tomorrow,sixteen years after the faithfully Tuesday,it was believed Kurt Cobain has committed suicide.Two days later,his body was found by an electrician,the news that shocked music industry,and teenage and also effected what they call it--grunge culture.

Sixteen years ago I was 8 years old,the only song I know in that time was London Bridge Is Falling Down,and Fields of Athenry,which always my late granddad sang to me and Elly.Aril my brother was exposed more on rock music,put Kurt Cobain's poster alongside Eric Cantona posters at his room.

I admit even in my youth time I never be grunge,until I read "Pengejar Bintang" by Nami,I believe Kurt Cobain has big impact on teenage and counter culture during his reigns in Nirvana.

Even some believes after Kurt's death,so does grunge,but somehow the teen spirit shall be move on.We need new Kurt Cobain to enlight our spirit.And after music corporates and capitalists drag us to the blackhole of infinite boredom of Planet Gaga,as one person who been inspired by Cobain(although it's too late) I believe we should bring back the force to teenagers.

Just like when Lyla Gallagher met Luqman Amirullah in Nami's Pengejar Bintang quoted,"one day you'll reach people at the corner,just like Cobain did that to you".To all music rebels and poet guerrilla soldier out there,make the teen spirit smells again!

Rest In Peace,Kurt.


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