UK General Election 2010.

I watched it at BBC yesterday.This is the first debate.I haven't watch the second debate which I missed UK prime time(I was outside that time).And it seems,surprise surprise Nick Clegg outshadowed Gordon and Dave.Now that's cool.

I'm no favor at all to Lib Dem,but compared to Labour or Tories,British people don't have so much choice.The best choice is Trade Unionist and Socialist Union but it's like to see South Africa will win FIFA World Cup.But I have a bit support to Lib Dem because my liberal backgrounds,while I see Labour as working class backstabber.Tories,unless I declared myself as an idiot I will vote for them.

Unlike in Canada which is 5-person battle royal(Elizabeth May is a candidate for Green Party),in UK they got triple threat debate.In US it's one-by-one contest.The debate was awesome,full of facts and no nonsense approach.Unlike stupidity from BN telling about Zaid Ibrahim alcohol issues - doesn't make sense for intellectual voters like me.

Anyway,good luck for British and so does in Hulu Selangor for practising their rights.

reverie  – (April 23, 2010)  

well people here says, voting for Nick is like giving a gun to a drugged person.

hellioz  – (May 09, 2010)  

when democracy isnt stable like that

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