Happy Valentine's,Chinese New Year and Olympics!

Everything come in a same day..Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers of the world(and to those religious fascists freaks who love to say,Hari Valentine's adalah hari menyambut kejatuhan kerajaan Islam bla bla bla,you know what,it's good to know that.Because we simply HATE YOUR CALIPHS WHO ALWAYS SPEND THEIR TIME WITH WOMEN IN HAREM!)

To all my Chinese friends,Gong Xi Fa Chai.The year of Tiger is a bless.It's my year and I'm sure this year will be the great year for all of us.

And to all Olympians in Vancouver,Citius,Altius,Fortius.And I would like to dedicate my prayer to the lugar Nodar Kumaritashivili from Georgia.May the spirit of Kumaritashivili will bless all of you,Olympians.

Johan 23.01.84  – (February 13, 2010)  

That's the pic of Loque and Dahlia,right?

Holden Caulfield  – (February 13, 2010)  

Gambar si Loque ni jugak dia nak letak..hahahaha!

Happy Valentine's Day and RIP to Georgian athelete who crashed yesterday.

Ez Puella Sapiens  – (February 13, 2010)  

Johan:yup!I can't resist because I feel this is the most romantic picture.

Nami:Happy Valentine's Day,celebrate love,ignore fascism!

p/s:his name Nodar Kumaritashivili.

Aril Cantona  – (February 13, 2010)  

Baru satu pingat perak ni.
Member kau menang tak?hahaha!

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