My Birthday Present and Nami With His Cobainism.

First of all,thanks to Nami for his birthday present,a rough cut of his novel,Pengejar Bintang(Star Chaser).So far I already read in detail about 8 chapters,and somehow he is trying to question some stagnancy in Malaysian thinking culture.Quite sarcastic,especially about Malay teenage girls,dog as pet in Malay culture and marriage(I read it in glance,by the way).

According from Nami,when he wrote that book,he listened to In Utero almost 9 times a day just to finish up his work.He also listening to some Seattle bands,such as Pearl Jam,Alice in Chain and Pearl Jam for this.What I can feel from this book,he really want to revive back Cobainism in early 90s era.

Probably dogmatic if you're stick into one era and never move at all,but for me reviving something cool stuff like Cobainism are not dogmatic after all.Probably Cobain himself create his own music,heavy influence from some punk rock bands in 70s.

Suffered from bipolar and schizophrenia,both Nami and Cobain are re-shaped my mindset.I don't know,from Cobain's music and from Nami's writing,I found a new view for myself.Perhaps it's okay if we stick to one,even though it's look old fashioned and stagnant.

Anyway,who needs Lady GaGa when we can enjoy Janis Joplin?Who needs Adam Lambert when we can enjoy Kurt Cobain?

"Daddy little girl ain't girl no more". :)

p/s:I dah promote buku you kat blog I ni,hik hik!Thanks for birthday wishes.

Aril Cantona  – (March 08, 2010)  

to Nami:

Weh,Aeysha tu macam gua kenal je..apakah dia gadis dari Ampang keh keh keh!Dia reject lu ke lu reject dia?

oopps,gua tak dibenarkan spoilkan cerita.hahahaha!

Tulis la lagi,better than previous book yang kau tulis dulu.Kau dah banyak improve!

Ez Puella Sapiens  – (March 08, 2010)  

hik hik,I rasa that girl la Along.*gossipin'*

But according from Nami,don't take it seriously,it's a fiction,not an autobiography.Even kalau betul pun,that girl tak boleh saman dia,aigh?

hik hik!

Holden Caulfield  – (March 09, 2010)  

Ape plak cobainism plak ni..

anyway happy birthday..

Johan 23.01.84  – (March 09, 2010)  

ade satu cerita ni..pada satu mlm di bulan desember thn lepas..2 org mamat gi ke Ampang berdekatan Petronas dan Ampang Point..sorg ni gila talak..sorg lagi cabar dia gi ketuk pintu rumah minah dia tak brani..dia telah bjanji kerana kgagalannya mengetuk pintu,dia tidak akn fikir lagi tentang minah itu..sekian..

p.s selamat membeli kasut raya ke 24..

Ez Puella Sapiens  – (March 10, 2010)  

Nami:hik hik,bukan you cakap u layan In Utero 9 kali sehari ke for siapkan this novel?

I mean,even though takde suicidal things,still ke arah Cobainism tu ade.

Johan:Minah tu poyo,tapi mamat tu mesti lagi poyo,kan?Terhegeh-hegeh kat minah gedik.

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