The World Is Too Small For Him.

A story that he wrote to me,and it always be a bedtime story for me before I sleep.I believe it's the same story he told Elly,as I found in her diary.Below of this story,it was Elly replied for his story.I just copy back from her diary.


Once upon a time,there's a princess who lives in a huge castle,her father is a great great king of Sandoba.Everyday,she stares out at her window,looking a meaning of life to be a person.She failed.Everyday her father told her it is important to get more resources of prosperity of Sandoba.She was thinking,perhaps gold and silver can make people happy.

She went at the market,and give a pauper a dime of gold.The pauper smiled and cheering and singing going home.Yes,gold and silver can make people happy.But why she got so many gold and silver,yet still not happy?Why her father got abundance of gold but still not satisfy with his gold?

She didn't understand.Is that meaning of life is to get as much gold and silver?And why gold and silver is something people crazy over it?Something to work over it?Why people cheat,kill or deceive for gold and silver?Is that meaning of life?

One day she walk again to the same market,and the same pauper ask him for a dime of gold.She give it,and once again the pauper become so happy and cheerful.She realizes that this is the meaning of life.Gold and silver.No mistakes.

The third time she walk again to market and once again he found the same pauper sat on the street.This time he was so sad,and crying.She give the pauper a dime of gold.Still not happy.Another dime of gold,he does not even stares at it.

"Are you become more greedy now?Last time I gave you a dime of gold and you're happy,now I give you two dimes of gold and you're not even look at it?"

The pauper answered,"so,why are you giving me gold every time you come here?"

She then replied,"because gold and silver are always make people happy.Look at you,everytime I give you gold you become more happier and cheerful.But now,you become greed,you just like my father.He got mountains of gold but he is still not satisfied for what he gets!"

"If gold and silver are always make people happy,why aren't you happy?Are you saying you're greed,too?" the pauper responded from the princess.

"I don't know!I don't know what's a meaning of life."

"Let me tell you something,my princess.Today I lost my cat,my only friend.I don't have friend except my cat.Every time you gave me a dime of gold I can buy food so that we can share together.Now,it's meaningless,no matter how much you gave me gold or silver,I couldn't share with anyone!"

"So,you can find another cat.Or perhaps a bird,or a monkey.Anything.You can share your gold that I gave to you,so you're not sad again".

The pauper smiles,"what if I don't be here again?And you're losing a person to share your gold?Perhaps I'm nothing inside your eyes,so that's why you never bother on me.But not my cat.We share almost everything.In a coldness we share heat together.In hunger we share our food together.That's a meaning of life!The life of togetherness!Not because your gold or silver.If one day gold and silver are not valid for food,what else do you have?"

The princess replied,"not even gold or silver can't buy food?What do you mean?"

"When gold or silver,cannot buy everything we need,we got love.To share.To take care for.Togetherness.That's more important above all.Do you see the farmer loves their crops,or how passionate fishermen goes to the sea?The passion to share,to love.Gold and silver are second.The important thing is to share.That's a meaning of life.Otherwise,they'll be just like your father.Too many things but so many love and care."

The princess just be quiet and listens to the pauper.

"So,if I'm not here,then does your life completed?"

The princess replied,"I'm lonely.Because everyday I just want to see someone like you to be happy.And if you're not around,my heart will be restless."

"Then you're already know the meaning of life."

The princess walk away as thinking what the pauper told her.And the next day,she's coming to the pauper,not with gold but with a cat.The same cat as the pauper always be together while begging.

The begger cries.He wouldn't expect he will see his cat again.He become so happy and cheerful once again.The princess were told about meaning of life by a pauper on the street.


The now,the pauper was lost in his world.He became jaded,and slowly he don't know who can he share,his feelings,his emotion,his everything.Why everyone nowadays don't know the meaning of life?What makes people to ignore each other?

The world is too small for him.I wish I can take him to a place were ignorance to care and love are prohibited.To the place where everyone take care of each other.

But it's just three-fold utopian dream.How sad.How I wish he's not a human but a cat.Where at least cat knows better about meaning of life than humans.

Aril Cantona  – (January 19, 2010)  

Bila nak tulis yang ganas-ganas,terajang serban dan full action ni?

Bila nak Die Hard ni,asyik Winter Sonata je,bleh!

Ez Puella Sapiens  – (January 19, 2010)  

Die Hard tak best!

Kill Bill jugak yang best,hik hik!

Johan 23.01.84  – (January 19, 2010)  

he must start being truly honest especially with people who care about him..

Ez Puella Sapiens  – (January 20, 2010)  

he's learning i a hardest way..

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