Credo And Dogmatism In Left Organization.

I use the word credo because some people believes that socialism is a creed.NO,IT'S A PHILOSOPHY.You have to refer to Nami's Antara Fahaman Dan Kepercayaan on his Teh Tarik Gelas Besar.(ask him,I don't have his link).

When we discussed about socialism,in my point of view,according from Marx,it will be our future after the collapse of capitalism.But don't be so sure,because not anyone are follow Marxist,some of them follows Bakunin anarchism,others with Henry George or maybe the idea of Francis Fukuyama libertarian views.Everyone trying to be prophet or a gypsy with crystal ball and tarot cards.

Now,Karl Marx was born in 1818,the year that capitalism was not mature yet.French Revolution are just 30 years away,and it was revolutionary to build factories or produce masses of quantities of goods.

However,on Paris Commune,it's start to happen what we call it an attempt for liberation from "wage slavery".And in the end,it was Marx and Bakunin divide the revolution into two:socialism and anarchism.

Now,fast forward 2010,what I've see from my eyes is the failure of left organization to unite.Everyone seems to believe what they believe and discredit the rest.I WAS a liberal before I saw liberal ideas was fake hope after ignorance of Barack Obama,and I'm looking for other alternative.And finally I read Marx's book,and other left intelligentsia such as Trotsky,Engels,Rosa Luxembourg and I even read some of CWI materials.

However,I'm not interested on joining groups,because everyone seems trying to advertise themselves as a better organization,which is contradict with socialist ideas,and what I can see from this paradoxes is that even left organization like USFI or CWI are trying to recruit new membership to gain more financial and manpower support.

And speaking about progressive ideas,why don't you just ignore other philosopher views,even though he is not Marxist?Jean-Paul Sartre is a Marxist but he also follows Existentialism.How about Friedrich Nietzsche,have you ever read about his work,rejecting hierarchy and promoting egalitarian?

Now,even left organization rejecting egalitarian,just because their Sec Gen reading more Marx books than the rest,and every ideas of the organization has been considered by only one man.I've seen so many left organization like this and that's why they're failed..because they only read Marx and not reading Nietzsche.

And talking about Leon Trotsky,yes without a doubt I agree the idea of Permanent Revolution.However,even within left organization itself,the members has been warned not to challenge the idea of the leader(Sec Gen,President,Big Brother etc).And finally it will create dogmatism.If you're Marxist you only follow Marx.If you're Trotskyist you will only follow Trotsky.How about Sartre,Habermas,Darrida or even Hishamuddin Rais?

As I write this comment,I should tell you about this,that time evolves.You cannot simply keep on using Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.We need new example.We should create our own example,not just following the past history.Something has to be done,not just telling "I'm more Marxist than you then you should follow me".It's not about Karl Marx,it's not about socialism,it's about the idea to be liberated.By how,by who,or by when,it depends on time and space.

Other wise,it will be such a waste of time for joining left organization if they fails to liberate their own members.

Asparados –   – (January 07, 2010)  

too heavy for a lazy moronic meleis to understand this...

me spik no inglis,me no pil pom...
we len sain en meth in inglis...
wi mas sapot de kempen to worning to non muslim tu yus awloh nem...

Ez Puella Sapiens  – (January 07, 2010)  

hik hik!
you tak faham you baca aril punya.
actually apa yang i tulis ni,sama macam dia tulis..hik hik!

p/s:aril sama je dengan you,suka membusuk english hik hik!

bangunberdiri  – (January 07, 2010)  

bila ez update blog, laju aspa a.k.a wak nih bagi komen... blog aku susah betul die nak jengah....

Asparados –   – (January 07, 2010)  

do me some favour,plz tell nami to get up & find the truest path for himself..
be humble,lower down & watch the flow carefully..then once he mastered on his own strength,he may able to do whtever he wanna do without any doubt or trouble...

juz ask him to get up&find his way out of his own trouble that he created..

he is so talented,but he was'nt wise enuff..i dun wanna make his as a waste of youth...i knw u r the only one he actually wanna listen to...


Ez Puella Sapiens  – (January 08, 2010)  

bangunberdiri:you jealous hik hik!

Asparados:let him do with the process..however,it's Sue should say more to him,I'm just his friend..


Johan 23.01.84  – (January 08, 2010)  

Thanks for the comment in response to Ravi..

This is the same thing Isham Rais said a few years ago.."buat ape nak berpersatuan sume ni?"

and why did i join cwi malaysia?because i thought cwi (read:Ravi) realise the reality and shortcomings that the left faces in Malaysia..but no,i was dead wrong..these leftist groups are the same everywhere..

nama nami  – (January 08, 2010)  


Anyway,nice article.Two thumbs up!

Ez Puella Sapiens  – (January 08, 2010)  

Johan-Hishamuddin Rais and his NGI.I believe in NGI,because nothing can be done in organization with hierarchy.

Nami-you dah dapat kerja ke belum?I'm sure Suara Keadilan will pick you if you write the best.You can do it.

Everyone is believe in you right now,I believe in you.I know it's way away from your principal but you have to work.My dad against oil consumptions and urging green tech,my dad vote Green Party,you know how much irony within my dad as petroleum engineer?

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